2018 Raise Your Hand Campaign

The Texas 4-H Program and Texas 4-H Youth Development Foundation are excited to one again partner with National 4-H to reconnect with 4-H Alumni across Texas and our country.  The 2018 Raise Your Hand campaign will run from April 1st – May 15th.  Each county 4-H Program is encouraged to join with us in promoting the Raise Your Hand campaign through the use of social media and other marketing assets during the six week campaign period.

The purpose of Raise Your Hand is to encourage our 4-H friends and alumni to raise their hand and help pay it forward for the next generation of 4-H members.  The goal is to have as many alumni sign up and then at the end of the campaign each county will receive a list of those alumni from their county.  County offices are encouraged to reach out to these alumni and involve them in 4-H by signing their children up for 4-H (if not already), or asking them to volunteer, or maybe becoming a donor to the program.

What is in it for YOUR COUNTY?!? In addition to the list of names you will receive, National 4-H Council has committed $20,000, $10,000 and $5,000 prizes to the top three states that have the most alumni sign up during the campaign period (April 1st to May 15th).  Texas 4-H is confident that we can bring home this grand prize and want to offer an incentive to counties to be part of the award if we win.  If Texas wins one of the three monetary prizes, half of the funds will go directly back to the top ten counties in the form of mini-grants to help enhance and promote 4-H programs in your county.

For more information visit: 4-h.org/RaiseYourHand


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