4-H Shooting Sports Project

The 4-H Shooting Sports Project is one of the largest projects in the 4-H program, with over 10,000 participants in Texas alone.

One of the many reasons it is so popular is because the project has something to offer to everyone. Being in Shooting Sports will provide you with many life skills such as; perseverance, time management, leadership skills, work ethic, networking and many more. Firearm safety and responsible handling and use are key factors of this program.

There are five different shooting disciplines and many different opportunities in each of those five. The disciplines are: Rifle, which includes Smallbore and Air Rifle. Shotgun, comprised of Trap and Skeet. Pistol, offering a variety of calibers and contests. Archery, which encompasses Compound, Barebow, and others. Muzzle loading/black powder is also an option. Hunting and Wildlife events, as well as weekly and/or monthly competitions can be found within this Project area using one or more of these disciplines.

The Texas 4-H Shooting Sports project also offers an Ambassador program for kids in grades 8th-12th. This program is designed to promote the Shooting Sports project and grow involvement. It teaches kids public speaking skills and provides opportunities to serve at Shooting Sports related events.

4-H is available to anyone grades 3rd-12th. If you or someone you know is interested in being in 4-H Shooting Sports contact your local AgriLife Extension Office for more information.

Article written by Ellie Daughtry.

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