Junior Leadership Lab Information

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Information for Junior Leadership Lab has been uploaded!!! Please join us in Rockport for an awesome adventure!!!

Information posted!

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Information is now posted for District Roundup, District photography, District Fashion Show & an updated calendar!

Shooting Sports Updates!!!

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•             18-20—4-H Archery Camp-Texas 4-H Conference Center, Brownwood, TX

Registration Open November 12-December 16, 2012 on 4-H Connect     $150/Participant or Coach/Chaperone

No Late Registrations will be accepted.

•             NEW 19-20—District 9 Shooting Sports Coach Training-Brazoria County, TX (Open to all leaders statewide)

Registration on 4-H Connect

Registration Open December 1-30 2012                    $120/Coach or Assistant Coach Candidate. $0/Extension Employee

Late Registration December 31, 2012-January 6, 2013   $200



•             2-3—Hunting & Wildlife Leader Training-College Station, TX

Registration on 4-H Connect

Registration Open December 1-30           $50/Coach, Leader or Assistant Coach/Leader Candidate. $0/Extension Employee

Late Registration December 31-January 6, 2013  $75

•             9— Practice WHEP Contest- Fort Boggy State Park, Centerville, TX

Registration on 4-H Connect

Registration Open December 1, 2012 -January 20, 2013  $12/Participant (Adult or Youth)



•             7-9 and 15-16—Shooting Sports Indoor Archery Match-Graham & Bay City, TX

Match Dates:     March 15-16, Graham                    March 7-9, Bay City

Registration on 4-H Connect                                       **Participants may only compete at ONE location

Registration Open January 7-February 3, 2013    $15/Equipment Class Entry (Max 3)

Late Registration February 4-10, 2013                     $30/ Equipment Class Entry (Max 3)

•             9—Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo WHEP Contest-T&M Ranch, Richmond, TX

Registration via HLSR Registration through your County Extension Office

Registration dates and cost TBA with HLSR Event Information

Contest ecoregion will be Prairie Brushland.

•             23-24—North Region Shooting Sports Coach Training-Wichita Falls, TX

Registration on 4-H Connect

Registration Open January 28-February 24, 2013                $120/Coach or Assistant Coach Candidate. $0/Extension Employee

Late Registration February 25-March 3, 2013       $200

District 11 Crossroads

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District 11 Crossroads information is now posted to the website!


Crossroads is a career exploration event designed to help youth explore different career opportunities!

Take a look and come join us!!!!

District Food Show & Food Challenge

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District Food Show and Food Challenge information is posted on d114-h.tamu.edu/events-and-contests/food-show-and-food-challenge/

Please pay extra attention to the rule changes on both contests!!!


District Council News & More!

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The newsletter for District 11 can be found at http://d114-h.tamu.edu/district-council/.

There is also information posted on the District wide Community service project!


Hippology Results

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Hippology results are now posted.  Visit the Event Results page to find them!

Also visit the picture gallery to see if you’re in there.  If you have pictures you can add, please share!!!!

Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Application!

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Texas 4-H Shooting Sports Ambassador Application (attached) is now available on the Texas 4-H Natural Resources Website: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/natural then click the “Shooting Sports Website” link in the box on the right and scroll down to the “Ambassador” section. Detailed information is located in the application pdf.
Applications are due by September 23, 2012.

Texas 4-H TWEET UP!!!! Sept 4 @ 7pm #TX4HCONVO

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On September 4th at 7 pm, Dr. Chris Boleman (@ctboleman) will lead the first ever TWEETUP with the Texas 4-H Program (@Texas4H).  Anyone interested in the Texas 4-H Program can go to twitter and participate by tagging #TX4HCONVO (place that in the search bar).

This will be a one hour session that will start with Dr. Boleman asking some questions to YOU about the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program.  To end the session, you will be able to ask questions back to him regarding the program.


Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program – TWEETUP – set for 9/4/12 at 7 pm Central Time #TX4HCONVO.  JOIN US!!!

October 2011 Edition – Council Newsletter

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Be sure to click on the District Council link and read the latest edition of the Council Newsletter!