• Wildlife Conservation Camp for High Schoolers - Are you fascinated by the natural world and all of its beauty? Do you have a passion for the conservation and management of wildlife, habitats, and eco systems? Interested in pursuing a career in a wildlife or a natural resource related field? If so, then this is the summer camp for you! Contact Andy James at wildlifecampdirector@yahoo.com with any questions or go to the website www.wildlifecamptx.org
  • Texas 4-H Roundup Robotics Challenge Invitational - We are excited to be hosting another Robotics Challenge Invitational contest this year at Texas 4-H Roundup on June 6.  Below is time-sensitive information pertaining to the registration process for the contest. Before signing up, please make sure to understand the Robotics Challenge rules, which can be viewed/downloaded here: http://texas4-h.tamu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017-4h_robotics_challenge.pdf  Like all other Roundup invitational contests, this too is only open to intermediate and senior age divisions.
  • TDHA Scholarship Applications Available Online - Texas Dove Hunters Association will be awarding nine $500 scholarships in May! TDHA is in the 5th year of it’s scholarship program and will have awarded 36 scholarships to students by the end of May. Do you know any high school seniors in Texas who are hunters and are pursuing higher education: tech school, junior college or 4 year university? Applications available online at: texasdovehunters.com. All applications must be postmarked by Monday, April 3, 2017. For questions call 210-764-1189.